Consulting Services

Ensuring Successful Engagements

Thrupoint’s Consulting Services provide a rigorous framework for meeting our clients’ IT strategy or project needs. Suited to any size project, technology or process, we stress the use of analytical tools, processes, and communications throughout the strategic or project life-cycle. Applying industry standards, frameworks and best practices, Thrupoint solutions guide our clients through the complex process of developing strategies and architectures. Our project management experience, industry knowledge, and integrated solutions are designed to ensure IT initiatives are delivered successfully.

 Technical Services

Trusted Change Agent

As the competitive pace quickens, technology changes, costs increase and IT organizations are challenged to balance the tension between budgets and the demand for new services. Thrupoint has become a trusted change agent for our clients. Thrupoint’s Technical Services solutions help clients navigate new and refine current environments to achieve the flexibility, capacity and performance service levels they require to exceed their business objectives. Thrupoint solves business challenges through the skillful assessment, planning, implementation and application of technology tailored to our clients’ environment. Our superior engineering expertise and record of accomplishments result in the efficient and value-added acceleration and delivery of innovative processes, tools and implementations.

Managed Services

Peace of Mind and Reduced Risk

Our clients focus on their core business while Thrupoint’s Managed Services ensure their IT infrastructure and services are delivered effectively and on time. Thrupoint’s top-notch Managed Services consultants are industry certified and ready to manage our clients’ IT environment. Thrupoint professionals understand the importance of leveraging cross-domain practices in Converged Networks, Service Management and Security to deliver reliable, robust and secure end-to-end IT services. Our clients gain peace of mind and reduced risk knowing that experienced engineers are at work, keeping them informed and providing insight into their operating environment.